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Ediciones SM and Fundación SM together for Dreamers


Fundación SM, University of Dayton Publishing and Ediciones SM will help Mexicans Dreamers become English teachers in our country, through the FSM Dreamers program

Fundación SM, University of Dayton Publishing and Ediciones SM have developed a program to support Dreamers. It will begin on Friday, January 12th, and will help Mexican Dreamers to achieve the Teaching English as a Foreing Language (TEFL) certificate, granted by the University of Dayton, which will allow them to have a job opportunity in Mexico as an English teacher.

With a full scholarship given by these institutions, they will take a course designed specifically for teachers in Latin America, that will provide them the foundations and principles of teaching, giving tools to develop language awareness, transcendent practice in the classroom and evaluation techniques. The training covers 160 hours of practical theory, distributed through six months of study.

The call to participate in this 2018 program closed on October 30, 2017. Fifteen Mexican Dreamers, with different professions that now are looking for a new professional beginning in Mexico, will be part of the program.

For Fundación SM, Ediciones SM and University of Dayton Publishing it’s important to create a community and support the educational development in Mexico.

The course will start this Friday January 12th, 2018, at 8:30 hours, at Ediciones SM's headquarters located in Magdalena 211 Col. Del Valle, in Mexico City.


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